Corexcel just added 2 new nursing CEU courses to our growing list of online, self-paced courses. Both courses surround diabetes mellitus, a common, growing public health concern.

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Fundamentals $45 | 6.82 CH

Diabetes Mellitus Fundamentals: A Review and Current Update provides the foundation of quality care for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.

The course includes explanations of normal and abnormal physiology, pathophysiology of diabetes, various types of insulin, a comprehensive list of references, links to helpful webpages and resources, and learner activities to test your retention of knowledge.

Upon completing Diabetes Mellitus Fundamentals: A Review and Current Update, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the normal physiology of glucose metabolism.
  • Explain the pathophysiology of uncontrolled/undiagnosed DMT1.
  • List the signs and symptoms of uncontrolled/undiagnosed DMT1.
  • List the signs and symptoms of uncontrolled/undiagnosed DMT2.
  • Explain the differences between DMT1 and DMT2.
  • Describe the correct procedures (American Diabetes Association’s recommendations) to be used to diagnose diabetes.
  • List risk factors for diabetes for adults.
  • List risk factors for diabetes for children.
  • Recognize the role of waist circumference in screening for metabolic syndrome (a condition related to DMT2).
  • List the four cornerstones of control of diabetes.
  • Explain the effect each cornerstone has on blood glucose.
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Diabetes Management $65 | 13.73 CH

Diabetes Mellitus: Management of Diabetes provides guidance on the management of diabetes mellitus. The management of diabetes mellitus is constantly changing based on evidence-based research and multi-faceted treatments. The course covers recent scientific research, glossary of terms, behavioral objectives and tips for developing an education plan, and learner activities to provide learner feedback when appropriate.

Upon completing Diabetes Mellitus: Management of Diabetes, participants will be able to:

  • List the six food groups within the Exchange Program.
  • List four guidelines of nutritional management of diabetes.
  • Explain the process and rationale for using carbohydrate counting to develop an effective nutritional plan.
  • Recognize the positive effects on blood glucose control, cardiovascular health, weight control, and stress reduction provided by regular exercise for the individual with diabetes.
  • Describe the safety precautions the individual with diabetes should take before engaging in exercise.
  • Name the drug of choice for the patient diagnosed with pre-diabetes and/or newly diagnosed with DMT2 who qualifies for oral medication treatment.
  • Describe the characteristics of the categories of drugs used to treat DMT2.
  • Describe each type of insulin based on activity profiles – onset, peak, and duration.
  • Compare and contrast treatment algorithms for management of diabetes type 2 (DMT2).
  • Explain the recommended interventions to control blood pressure and lipids in persons with diabetes.
  • Explain why self-blood glucose monitoring provides more reliable information about current blood glucose levels than urine testing.
  • Explain why regular physical examinations, lab work, and retinal evaluations are necessary components of the diabetic individual’s monitoring activities.
  • Describe appropriate behaviors for the diabetic to take when ill or unable to eat.
  • Identify two mechanisms by which a diabetic can inform others of a diabetic condition if unconscious.
  • Identify the major long-term complications of diabetes and explain the current thinking about etiology.

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