The Everything DiSC® Sales Profile gives sales people insight into their selling style and shows them how their style can attract or repel a customer.

And the best part of the profile just got better!

In addition to the 23-page Everything DiSC Sales customized report, each participant also gets free, unlimited access to a website where they can create a “mini-report’ about each of their customers. These reports, called Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps, compare the sales person’s style to their customer’s style and offer tips on how to effectively communicate.

Customer Interaction Maps are a great way for sales professionals to:

  • Prepare for an important conference call
  • Review a previous call with a customer
  • Build better rapport with all of their customers
  • Repair relationships with difficult customers
  • Help organize their customers
  • Increase their sales!!!

Let’s face it. We’ve all been to at least one training program in our career that left us feeling like we weren’t walking away without any follow up or reinforcement. The Customer Interaction Maps are an effective tool to reinforce DiSC-based selling skills and improve sales.

The Benefits

The profile and interaction maps can be used alone or with the Everything DiSC Sales Program that allows companies of all sizes and industries to provide in-depth, personalized sales training without breaking the budget.

Your sales staff will feel more confident and comfortable talking to their customers, no matter what their style. And the Customer Interaction Maps will allow them to get to know their customers on a different level.

How It Works

When participants receive the email with access to their assessment, they will also receive a link to their own personalized Everything DiSC Follow-Up Activities webpage. Once they have completed the sales assessment, they can access that page and even save it as a bookmark. To generate a Customer Interaction Map, simply input the customer’s name and answer a complete a brief questionnaire to generate a personalized report. It’s quick and, best of all, is always available.

Participants can:

  • Access their own personalized sales report
  • Create Customer Interaction Maps
  • Manage existing Customer Interaction Maps

Follow-Up Activities Screen Shot

About Everything DiSC Sales

The Everything DiSC Sales program is growing more and more popular because of its engaging video, easy implementation and personalized sales profile. But now, the Everything DiSC Follow-up Activities webpage makes this a program that keeps on working, even after the training is over.

Everything DiSC Sales uses the power of DiSC to provide personalized guidance to improve sales effectiveness. The 79-question assessment results in a 22-page report that will help employees:

  • Understand their DiSC style and how it affects sales
  • Understand various customer DiSC buying styles
  • Adapt their sales style to meet their customers’ needs and expectations

Previously, the report included the opportunity to develop one personalized Customer Interaction Map. However, the new feature allows unlimited, free customer interaction maps that participants can continue to use after the assessment has been taken.

If you’d like to know more, you can register to attend an Everything DiSC Webinar or take advantage of our Facebook promotion and attend for free!

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