Now when you generate an Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report, you can also generate a FREE Everything DiSC Group Poster! Your Group Poster will show your team’s dots on the brightly colored, easy to understand Everything DiSC circular map. Each poster is optimized for 24” by 36” printing, which means that it can be professionally printed and easily incorporated into your training program or posted in a common area.

Why use Group Reports?

Group Reports are a great way for facilitators and managers to get a big picture of their group’s DiSC styles and understand how those styles can influence how their group functions.

Some of our clients use group reports to help them:

  • Understand why a team works well
  • Deal more effectively with conflict
  • Plan their next hire
  • Stimulate discussion on personal preferences and differences

What Everything DiSC Group Reports are available?

You can generate an Everything DiSC Facilitator and Group Culture Reports once 3 participants have completed any of the Everything DiSC profiles:

Learn more about Everything DiSC by attending a Product Showcase.

What’s the difference between a Facilitator Report and a Group Culture Report?

The Everything DiSC Facilitator Report gives you a summary of each DiSC culture in your group, including a Group Map with participants’ names. The facilitator report is perfect for trainers looking to understand their audience. It helps answer questions like, “How should I customize the training, if a majority of our audience is…?”

The Everything DiSC Group Culture Report gives you a synopsis of your group’s DiSC style and its impact on their day-to-day activities. The group culture report provides constructive feedback on the group’s culture including advantages and disadvantages of the group’s style while keeping participants’ names anonymous.

EPIC Users

When creating an Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report, you’ll see an option to also generate an Everything DiSC Group Poster. For 25 EPIC Credits, you’ll receive both the Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report and the complimentary, one page Everything DiSC Group Poster.

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