Upcoming Everything DiSC® Certification Sessions

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Seats are filling up quickly, so please contact Corexcel at learn@corexcel.com or 1-888-658-6641 (Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5:30pm Eastern Time) for more information.

About DiSC Certification

The Everything DiSC Certification programs are two-day training sessions held in Minneapolis, MN designed to help you fully understand the DiSC theory and successfully implement the Everything DiSC products within you or a client’s organization.

Through classroom discussions, real life examples and group presentations, you will learn the research behind DiSC and its circular model. You will be introduced to each of the Everything DiSC profiles, facilitator kits and supplemental reports. And what’s more, you will discover how to fully customize the kits to fit your training needs.

Why get certified?

We recommend the certification program for any organization or consultant looking to get the most out of using the Everything DiSC kits and profiles. This is also great for organizations who would like a Certified DiSC Trainer on staff to conduct in-house training programs. Attending a certification ensures that you have received the most up-to-date DiSC information and know exactly how to successfully implement the Everything DiSC profiles, kits and accessories.

About Everything DiSC profiles

Everything DiSC is the newest DiSC product line available.  Everything DiSC uses a 79-question assessment to provide personalized DiSC reports that can be used to increase effectiveness in each of your departments.

The Everything DiSC product line includes:

Since the Everything DiSC products were created to intermix with each other, group reports and other supplemental reports can incorporate employees who have taken any of the Everything DiSC profiles.

For more information on DiSC certification, Everything DiSC profiles or other training materials, please contact us at learn@corexcel.com or 1-888-658-6641 (Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5:30pm Eastern Time).