Corexcel is excited to announce that one of our humor skills authors, Paul McGhee, has begun broadcasting his own radio series!

Developing humor skills in nursing can help improve patient care, outcomes and your overall attitude at work!

Paul McGhee, President of the Laughter Remedy, in Wilmington, DE and renowned author, has teamed up with Birach Broadcasting Company in order to broadcast his brand new radio series, “Health and Happiness through Humor” as part of the “Bright Side of Aging” broadcast.

This weekly series of live radio broadcasts are devoted to learners of any age looking to use their sense of humor to promote greater resilience, health and happiness.

Now through April, each radio show will offer listeners guidelines for improving a specific component of their sense of humor. As the series progresses, you’ll begin developing each important aspect of humor and understand the benefits of humor in everyday life.

Tuning In

This radio series broadcasts live every Friday from 11-11:30am Eastern Time on WNZK (690 AM) and WCXI (1160 AM) in the Detroit area. Listeners of any area can tune in to to listen live.

Humor and Health

This radio series began in January, discussing the physical health benefits resulting from humor and how one can use humor to cope with stress. Starting in February, audio clips of each show will be available at

About the Author

Paul McGhee is President of The Laughter Remedy in Wilmington, Delaware. He shows individuals that keeping your sense of humor in your work provides the resilience needed to maintain productivity and reduce stress in your everyday life. With a PhD in psychology, he is internationally known for his own research on humor and laughter, having spent 20 years as a researcher while teaching at the university level before becoming a full-time professional speaker.

Paul has given talks on humor skills in 10 countries, and has published 11 previous books on humor.