Bad Management Blog Post #TBT

In honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) and sticking with the leadership theme this month, I’m taking it way back to 2011 with my blog post on bad management. My tips on how to handle conflict with your boss (and how to right your wrongs as a bad boss) still stay true today. Check them out and leave a comment!

Check out both parts of my Who’s Afraid of The Big, Bad Boss? Blog series.


First, what can you do as an organization combating bad management?
Bad Management
Have you been informed of bad management in your office? What do you do?

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You don’t quit your job; you quit your boss”? It’s certainly true. Bad management can cause employees to feel under-appreciated, frustrated and stressed out, leaving them uninterested in their work and looking for a way out.

When you hear “bad management” you may think of the screaming supervisor, absent-minded team leader or manager who plays favorites. However, bad management does not always have noticeable signs.

Bad management can be caused by the following common mistakes:

1.  Communicating poorly if at all
2.  Not delegating properly
3.  Not following through
4.  Failure to define employee team roles
5.  Micromanagement
6.  Ignoring problematic employees
7.  Behaving unpredictably
8.  Lack of trust for employees

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Think you’re stuck in a bad management situation?
Learn what you can do if you’re involved (either as the employee or the boss!) 

In my last article, I discussed how organizations can keep bad management from negatively impacting their bottom line. But what about the employee and manager involved? Keep reading!

Just because two individuals may not be getting along does not mean that one should just jump ship. Think about your career. Do you like the company and what you are doing? Is this bad manager (or your bad management style) the only thing that’s stopping you? Then don’t give up. Follow these tips to beat the bad.

What you can do as an employee:

Practice Patience & Positivity

Although you may not be getting along with your supervisor, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is because of bad management. Think about the overall situation from all views:

  • Are you or your supervisor new to the company?
  • Were they in a different type of department? i.e. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.
  • Are you or your supervisor going through any personal changes right now?
  • Are you being demanding?
  • Is your boss’ boss being demanding?
  • Is your company going through any difficult changes?

All of these factors can have an impact on your relationship with your boss…

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