Holiday Stress: “All I want for Christmas is a BREAK!”

Sound familiar? The holidays are an awesome time of year filled with family, feasts and fun! However, between a jam-packed schedule, budgeting woes, travel frustrations and cramped lodging accommodations, the holidays can be stressful. But, you can change that! 

Home Alone Holiday Stress

This Throwback Thursday, we’re highlighting our 2011 blog: How to De-stress this holiday season!

Follow these 4 simple steps to effectively handle stress and allow yourself to take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday season! 

Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for reading!



Although the holidays are a time when you can enjoy spending time with family and friends, they often throw a curve ball in your regular routine which can cause stress and anxiety. Whether it’s booking and monitoring your travel arrangements, managing your budget, purchasing a last minute gift or balancing the demands of work and personal life, ‘tis the season to slow down and approach your stressors rationally.

This holiday season, take a temporary break from the hustle and bustle and implement these FOUR easy-to-use, stress-relieving methods.

1. Problem Solve.

Because it’s the holiday season, it’s tempting to ignore stress in order to keep your spirits high. Unfortunately, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. Take a minute to reflect on what’s causing your stress and try to resolve it. Remember, trying to ignore stress can be, well, stressful! What can you do differently to reduce your stress?

Try to approach what is causing you stress rationally by asking yourself the following questions…

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