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From Good to Great: Quick and Easy Management Tips 10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Their Employees  It’s 2014! Everyone is bright-eyed, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new year. “What do I want to accomplish this year? How will I do it?” If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be a […]

What’s the Difference Between Management and Leadership? Jason’s new blog post: “What’s the Difference Between Management and Leadership?” on our DiSC Profiles blog. Read on… Leadership is one of the most researched and published topics over the past 20 years.  Right now, you can walk into almost any book store and find 25-100 books on […]

By Cindy Davidson When I was growing up my dad was an arc welder, constructing large commercial boilers.  His job was physically demanding and dirty. He usually came home covered from head to toe in black ash. He slowly rose in leadership. First, he was a foreman, and then one day he started to wear white […]