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Sales = Customer Service? It’s no doubt that we as consumers are throwing the traditional sales funnel for a loop with our quest for knowledge long before we go shopping. While the traditional sales funnel had consumers contacting the salesperson right away, social media has allowed us to be more independent. We research product information […]

From the Creators of DiSC® and Everything DiSC®: The Work of Leaders Book: How Vision, Alignment and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead  Free Work of Leaders Book & DiSC Assessment Offer We’re so excited about the release of The Work of Leaders book. It was written with years of extensive research, data compilation […]

What’s the Difference Between Management and Leadership? Jason’s new blog post: “What’s the Difference Between Management and Leadership?” on our DiSC Profiles blog. Read on… Leadership is one of the most researched and published topics over the past 20 years.  Right now, you can walk into almost any book store and find 25-100 books on […]