The Year End Review:
Creating Training and Development Programs

The only way we can continue to grow is to occasionally look back and reflect on previous successes and lessons learned. The new year is a perfect time to do that. Take a few minutes to think about 2013. What did your group do well? Not so well? What added skills and abilities would help your team achieve their goals?

Year End Review Training and DevelopmentNow is the time to think about what you can do to make 2014 the best year yet. Creating a training and development plan for your staff members is an important piece to the organizational effectiveness puzzle.

Remember: Investing in current employees is much less expensive than hiring and training new ones!


  • Brainstorm. What do you think your employees need to be successful?
  • Communicate them with your team.
  • Get their buy-in. (This is important. Your employees are much more likely to achieve their goals if they are realistic and/or as important to them as they are to you.)

Then, together:

  • Create an action plan. How can we achieve the goals? Online courses? Instructor-led courses? Mentoring? What will work for the learner?
  • Assign responsibilities.
  • Create a timeline.
  • Allocate the budget.

Ensure you’re doing everything in your ability to give you and your team the tools they need to succeed by creating personalized training and development plans for your team. 

And that’s where Corexcel comes in! We pride ourselves on finding the solutions for your team in the avenues and price points that work for you and your employees.

Whether it’s DiSC Profiles and online assessments, train the trainer, customized training for your group or accredited, online business skills or clinical courses; we’re here to help companies of all sizes and industries reach their goals.

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  • Our most popular profile (available online or in paper booklet) is often used in hiring or by organizations on a budget looking for a snapshot of their employees’ behavioral tendencies.

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