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Reducing Conflict & Improving Communication

No one wants to be involved in an argument with a supervisor or co-worker, especially on public display. But a recent survey by Fierce, Inc. showed that 30% of the 1,000 professionals surveyed conflict with co-workers or supervisors at least once a month.Business conflict resolution

While a peaceful disagreement may bring up valuable discussions, some conflict can be detrimental to the workplace. Can you force employees to be nice to each other? How do you get them to WANT to be nice to each other?

If you don’t think employee behavior can influence sales, think again. Sue Shellenbarger recently wrote on conflicts in the workplace, “Only 20% of customers who witness rude behavior by a company’s employee say they would buy its products or services, compared with 80% who see workers behave politely…”

Healthy, conflicting ideas can be helpful to your business. Having multiple opinions can be exhilarating – prompting exciting discussions and ideas. But your employees need to understand how to effectively communicate with each other in order for those types of discussions to happen.

Communication is only constructive if we are all using a common language.

If you think you may have a communication problem or want to be proactive in establishing a positive workplace culture, you should really try out Everything DiSC Workplace®  profile & training materials.

Everything DiSC Workplace® focuses on:

  • Understanding your DiSC style
  • Recognizing & appreciating Other DiSC Styles
  • Developing better communication with others
  • Building more effective relationships
  • Reduce conflict

Everything DiSC offers employees of all roles and departments a common language of respecting and working effectively together. What’s more, our profiles are online and only take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Turnkey facilitation materials make it easy for anyone to conduct a customized workshop, and complimentary supporting reports help you get more information for less money.

Try an Everything DiSC Workplace profile today!

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Twitter App, Vine – Changing the Way We Connect with our Schools

We’ve all heard of social media success stories. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (I just got the song stuck in your head, didn’t I? Sorry!) debuted on Youtube. Hundreds of professionals have been able to get their dream jobs through social media, Facebook pages and even Facebook ads. These are all ways we have been able to connect with each other as individuals, professionals and organizations.

Social media is obviously changing the way we communicate with each other, but now it is also changing the way we connect with our schools. With enrollment numbers down, universities and colleges are looking for new ways to connect with prospects and current students.

Since Twitter came out with their new Twitter app, Vine, colleges, prospective  and current students have all been using it to their advantage. The Vine app, free for iPhone and Droid users, allows you to share 6-second video clips with anyone on the Internet. Colleges and universities are showing glimpses of their campus, while students are highlighting their skills in quick bursts in hopes of being recruited.

Social media is always opening up new ways to communicate, and it’s exciting to hear that colleges and universities are getting involved as well.

But there are disadvantages to this open line of communication, of course!

Read the whole article on Social Media, Vine Connecting Students & Colleges

20 Creative Interview Techniques

CareerBuilder asked 2,076 hiring managers and human resource professionals to recall some of the most unique ways candidates have tried to get their attention. Although the job market is on the mend, candidates still need to seek out creative ways to stand out… just make sure you’re getting positive attention from employers! Check out the list.

interview techniques, hire me, man with hire me sign

10 Interview Techniques that Worked

  1. Candidate contracted a billboard outside of employer’s office.
  2. Candidate gave a resume on a chocolate bar.
  3. Candidate showed up in a suit with a red T-shirt underneath a white shirt. The red T-shirt had a message – “Hire me, I work hard.”
  4. Candidate asked to be interviewed in Spanish to showcase his skills.
  5. Candidate crafted the cover letter like an invitation to hire her rather than a request (similar to a wedding invitation).
  6. Candidate climbed on a roof the employer was repairing and asked for a job.
  7. Candidate performed a musical number on the guitar about why he was the best candidate.
  8. Candidate volunteered to help out with making copies when he saw interviewer’s assistant was getting frazzled.
  9. Candidate repaired a piece of company’s equipment during the first interview.
  10. Candidate sent a message in a bottle.

10 Interview Techniques that Fell Short 

  1. Candidate back-flipped into the room.
  2. Candidate brought items from interviewer’s online shopping wish list.
  3. Candidate sent a fruit basket to interviewer’s home address, which the interviewer had not given her.
  4. Candidate did a tarot reading for the interviewer.
  5. Candidate dressed as a clown.
  6. Candidate sent interviewer some beef stew with a note saying “Eat hearty and hire me J.”
  7. Candidate placed a timer on interviewer’s desk, started it, and told interviewer he would explain in 3 minutes why he was the perfect candidate.
  8. Candidate sent interviewer a lotto ticket.
  9. Candidate wore a florescent suit.
  10. Candidate sent in a shoe to “get their foot in the door.”

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